Our Objectives

We have consistently focused on 3 main objectives

Providing our customers with authentic products.
Maintaining a culture of convenience to facilitate the requirements of our customers.
Quick and accessible service at cost-effective rates.

What do we offer?

We offer a range of services and products, get to know more.

The major catch when it comes to buying branded gadgets from a third party distributor is whether the product will match the quality. Our team tries their best to market the products exactly how they are and be honest about what we sell you. We take pride in our authenticity. HET is the ideal place for you to shop for your gadgets without having to worry about any other factors.

We not only provide you with a variety of original products but also promise you transparent, efficient and honest service that enables you to develop a relationship of trust with us.

why us?

Your investment is our responsibility

Technology is always a tricky investment. Our team noticed that with the growing dependency on technology it is imperative that people get authentic and original options to choose from. We promise to market only the best of the best products. Our team ensures that you are given the correct and honest advice regarding all your tech decisions. We guarantee customer satisfaction and make sure that you are dealt with absolute transparency. We have a range of products & services. We plan to continue to grow in more categories such as fashion, home, appliances and much more.

Laptops, softwares, accessories, cameras, desktops, tablets, mobile phones, repair and maintenance and customer support.