May 30, 2019

Online Shopping in UAE

Online Shopping in UAE

COVID-19 has been an eye opening reminder of how significantly we are all dependent on digital mediums. At a certain point in time, every business was finding an ‘online’ alternative for their services. With everyone preferring to stay indoors, online shopping – be it for grocery, home appliances, clothes or anything else – became very popular. Like any other state in the world, the UAE’s population was of the same opinion. In fact, it was observed that the market growth rate for online businesses was almost 18.9% in 2020 and onwards, and it is expected to grow at the same rate until 2025 which could result in $3.9 billion dollars of income.

Given these figures it can be understood that e-commerce retail has a promising future in the UAE. As one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world, the United Arab Emirates is the ideal place for an e-commerce business to thrive. This growth has also led to other simultaneous digital growth, such as faster Wi-fi access for residents, which also makes online shopping significantly easier. UAE has been known for shopping and having a variety of products from all around the world, this is one force that drives the market for e-commerce shopping in the state. As mentioned earlier, times changing have also increased the use of smartphones and people have become more fond of things being done in a quicker and more efficient way, therefore, the public has shifted from mainstream shops to online shopping.

While it is true that products are returned back almost 30% more in online shopping than in in-person shopping, that does not hold back from the charm of e-commerce retail. The fact that businesses as well as consumers are provided with ease and cost effective alternatives due to the popularity of online shopping, is what keeps the trend continually alive.

As per numerous reports, the online business market in the UAE is developing at a quick rate. The current assessment of the internet business market in the UAE is assessed to be valued at $5.3 billion. The retail area is driving as far as deals followed by gadgets. The pattern of web based shopping has assumed control over the whole country. There has been a critical ascent in the quantity of web based business organizations offering a full scope of items at limited rates. This load of variables have prompted the notoriety of internet shopping among the residents of the UAE.

Internet shopping entryways like E-shoppy, and so on, are probably the most well established shopping platforms. These online stores gloat a colossal assortment of various kinds of items going from hardware to form things. In this computerized well disposed country, an immense piece of the populace favors shopping on the web as opposed to visiting the actual stores.

Neighborhood organizations and physical shops have additionally begun getting used to web based business. A ton of them have either connected with internet business monsters like Amazon or fostered their own online stores to contact a more extensive client base and increment their deals. At present, a ton of conspicuous web based business organizations from various pieces of the world have begun showing a distinct fascination for the UAE.

Importance of Appliance technology

Importance of Appliance Technology

There is no debate that technological appliances do bring more convenience into your life. Clearly, most of us cannot imagine a life without having a mobile phone. You are thinking about something and have a question? Google it, be that on your smartphone or your laptop. With technology growing rapidly everyday it is becoming more and more easier to use. Laptops are getting lighter, thinner, easier to take with you wherever you go, phones are adaptable to newer technology, you have ample features now which have helped us make life so much more convenient.

Appliances are getting smarter each day. We started with smartphones, phones which connected to Wi-Fi and gave us access to a whole range of new functions, we then moved onto smart TV’s which enabled us to use applications on the television, put up whatever we want and even mirror our phones to it. Now, almost every major – and frequently used appliance – is turning smart. One of the most surprising introductions to the ‘smart’ range were fridges. The Samsung Family Hub has come up with the coolest fridge, one with a LCD touch screen, internal cameras to view inside your fridge, helps you make grocery lists, tracks items and their expiry dates.. What else do you need?

However, when you are dealing with appliances which have grown so much. You need them to be authentic and promising because with technology, it can go wrong very quickly and easily. Imagine a smartphone that is known to impress, has ample features and is something you have always wanted to invest into, you get it but then a few months in you realise it wasn’t original and was sold to you under false pretence. It’s not only going to cost you a significant monetary loss but it would also make it tough for you to trust any technology vendor again.

This is why, more and more people have become fond of the idea of having a place which answers all your technological queries. Some place that people can rely on, get back to and where they can have access to all the technology that they want to use. Even pairing non-authentic accessories with your phones or other technological appliances, injures your technology. For instance, using a fake charger with an apple phone might cause the battery to die sooner than you would normally expect, and over a period of time it is likely to drain entirely.

Keeping in mind that there is a need for a trustworthy platform for technology retail, HET has developed such a platform for everyone. Where they can not only be relieved to get authentic products but also be able to view them and get their hands on their original accessories and services, too. HET offers various brands which allows you to choose from a pool of different companies, depending on which you trust the most.

Choosing technology for your business

Choosing technology for your business

Innovation should make life simpler: expanding efficiency, assisting with keeping your private venture coordinated, and giving you the strategic advantage. Regardless of whether to further develop client support or correspondence, usefulness or productivity, the effective utilization of innovation inside an independent venture can go far towards making it a triumph. In any case, with so much quickly developing advancements accessible, how could you approach settling on the right choices about your business’ requirements? Going all in and putting resources into innovation can be overwhelming, yet whenever progressed in the correct direction, can drastically help your business’ development.

First, you need to understand your business. By this we mean analyzing what your business requires and list it as per priority. Does your business need a fast-paced environment? Is it more likely to benefit with collective technology systems or individual appliances for each employee? One also has to consider the different technologies that your business already has, this should be categorised in order of how efficient and useful they tend to be to your business. Eventually, this list will help you figure out the technology that you need to invest in and the technology that you can eliminate from your business.

Secondly, the technology you choose after the whole process of listing and understanding your business should be appliances which can not only help add more value to your business but also grow alongside your business. Which means they should have the capacity to be able to adapt to newer operations and therefore increase your business efficiency.

This point circles back to figuring out what your business really requires. Thinking as far as need (and not simply want) is unimaginably significant for the effective execution of new innovations inside a business. Whenever you have gotten on board with the innovative fad, you’ll notice how quickly it moves. Just make changes and buy gadgets that your business needs, and make a complete arrangement with respect to where it will be useful in your business.

For instance, on the off chance that you have representatives that are continually in a hurry, meeting with customers and leading business outside the workplace, then, at that point it might bode well to put resources into devices like a tablet. Just as this, consider some fresh possibilities. You might like a specific bundle, however there might be other, more industry-explicit programming accessible to your business that is probably going to make things run much more without a hitch.

Your business should also be mindful of having a back-up plan. Even though getting technological appliances from the correct place should cause you no trouble, but it is technology afterall. Therefore, in the scenario that the technology you use glitches, you need to have a back-up plan. While dependency on technology can help your business grow, too much of it may also cause it’s steady decline.

Lastly, and most importantly, bringing technology to your business isn’t all you have to do to improve efficiency. The tech you bring is as good as nothing if your employees don’t know how to use it efficiently and especially how to ‘make the most out of it’. This is why it is imperative that all your employees are trained to use the technological environment that you create for them. HET has a range of options to further digitize your business, check now.

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