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Through our extensive research, we noticed the need for a platform which brings all kinds of technology together.


Brands & Dealership

We have built a lasting relationship with various technological companies over the years. HET offers a range of products from brands such as Apple, Dell, Acer, Samsung and others of the likes. We deal in laptops, mobile phones, cameras and even original phone accessories and services. Our customers are promised to receive exactly the products they see on the website. Our dealerships allow us to stock technological appliances that are original and of premiere quality. We present to you the brands that you have confided in and guarantee that, that trust is kept. We additionally manage in repaired and fixed items. There is supreme straightforwardness as far as the condition of the item is concerned. We have the goal that you get precisely what you anticipate. We make an honest effort to keep every one of the items we sell market pertinent. Which implies that you can get any innovative apparatus, from those that are moving and well known to those which are reasonable yet proficient.

What do we offer?

We offer a range of services and products. Get To Know More !

The major catch when it comes to buying branded gadgets from a third party distributor is whether the product will match the quality.


Your investment is our responsibility

Technology is always a tricky investment. Our team noticed that with the growing dependency on technology it is imperative that people get authentic and original options to choose from. We promise to market only the best of the best products. Our team ensures that you are given the correct and honest advice regarding all your tech decisions. We guarantee customer satisfaction and make sure that you are dealt with absolute transparency.

We have a range of products & services in more categories such as fashion, home, appliances and much more.

Laptops / Desktops

Softwares & Accessories


Smart Phone

Customer Support

Repair & Maintenance

Authentic Products

Providing our customers with authentic products.

Culture Of Convenience

Maintaining a culture of convenience to facilitate the requirements of our customers.


Quick and accessible service at cost-effective rates.

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E-shopy is an online platform to encourage vendors from all around the world to market their products, creating a space which enables customers to find their desired products with just a few clicks. E-shopy aims to re-introduce the concepts of convenience, availability and diversity in the shopping experience of each individual. The aim is to diversify E-shopy into a platform so magnanimous that it responds to the demands of customers all around the world and makes the impossible, possible. As our sister company, we work hand in hand for quality assurance and efficiency. It is important for our team at E-shopy to build a platform that encourages a culture of convenience for its customers.

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